Safe, Sustainable, Economic Foundation System

  • CUPOLEX® is the trade name for a sacrificial void forming system which utilises Recycled Plastic Interlocking Domes to create concrete foundations.
  • The CUPOLEX® system utilises intelligent design to create concrete foundations which have exceptional strength, yet use less concrete, less steel and less labour.
  • The savings in concrete, steel and labour aside, the air space beneath the foundation has a multitude of uses which sets the CUPOLEX® foundation system apart.
  • CUPOLEX® products were designed by Valerio Pontarolo of Pontarolo Engineering in Italy in the early ’90s and they now distribute to the concrete foundation industry in Italy, England, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Poland, New Zealand, Russia, Australia and Africa.
  • CUPOLEX® concrete slabs or foundations were originally designed to mitigate toxic gas emanating from the earth such as Radon and Methane.
  • CUPOLEX® also provides a cost-effective solution for issues such as rising damp, soils with high alkalinity and or salt. The ability for the air space beneath your foundation to be vented outside of the building envelope has many applications.
  • There are over 150 million square metres of Cupolex concrete foundations installed around the world to date with no reported failures.

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