Reduce carbon footprint with CUPOLEX Products

Using CUPOLEX® for your concrete foundation can contribute to lower CO2 emissions. This load of Cupolex will save around 7000kgs of Carbon Dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere (according to Australian Standards conversion of Diesel usage to CO2 emission) By the time these are delivered to nearly 20 home sites only about 6% of the Diesel used to deliver EPS waffle pods will have been consumed.

  • Unlike Waffle Pods CUPOLEX is compact and needs far less transport requirement to get it to site.
  • The CUPOLEX domes are stackable and pallets arrive on site shrink wrapped. This means minimal site space is required for delivery.
  • One pallet of CUPOLEX®  can replace 3-4 trucks of gravel or fill . This will also reduce traffic to sites, and produce less CO2 emissions.
  • Using less concrete and steel also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.
  • The CUPOLEX concrete flooring system has an excellent thermal rating.

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