Apart from the intrinsic structural benefits of using a dome structural system the other benefits associated with Cupolex can be broken down to Safety, Sustainability and Economical.


CUPOLEX® uses patented dome shaped forms to introduce arches into concrete slabs. The arches make the slab stronger by putting the concrete under compression, rather than tension, and distribute live loads across a larger area than slabs on grade. Structurally, CUPOLEX® relies on stress arching principles that have been employed for thousands of years. No other aerated floor systems can provide an under-slab void with the same structural advantages.

  • QUALITY SLAB – Reduces slab curling and shrinkage cracks, providing a higher quality surface.
  • VOID SYSTEM – Provides under-slab void for running cables and pipes, simplifying post-construction installation of new wiring and utilities.
  • VERSATILE – Available in a variety of heights for all types of floor design. Supports slabs on challenging sites and poor soil conditions, especially expansive soils. 
  • VAPOUR INTRUSION PROTECTION – CUPOLEX® having an air void under the foundation lends itself perfectly for the venting of harmful gases out of the building envelope and into the external atmosphere.
  • MOISTURE AND MOULD REDUCTION – CUPOLEX® provides an under slab void and results in minimal concrete contact with the soil. The unique advantage over any other slab foundation system is the integrated void spaces under the concrete slab. Water cannot leach up through the bottom of the concrete slab. This is significant for protecting the structure from water damage, concrete wicking and mould.


CUPOLEX® is not new and is tried and tested. Infact hundreds of million square metres have been installed in buildings around the globe for over 2 decades, without any reported failures. Cupolex is an extremely safe product for your site. Its features make it extremely safe to handle, assemble and work with:

  • ERGONOMIC – Cupolex Domes are lightweight that makes it easy for workers to handle carry and install. This all helps to minimise worker injuries.
  • STRONG – The uniquely patented centre cone system makes Cupolex Domes extremely strong and durable. As it is installed it creates a working platform. Workers can walk on a Cupolex working platform without risks of falling through the structure.
  • NO CUTTING – Cupolex is essentially a lay clip and fix grid system. It does not require onsite cutting to assemble and so less of a risk to workers.
  • NO WASTE – No waste means no mess and hazardous rubbish across your site. Reduces site incidents and helps your WHS compliance.
  • ANTI-GLARE – Cupolex’s dark colours ensure no blinding glare for site workers.
  • MANUFACTURE – manufactured according to the quality elements of the ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facilities.
  • DURABLE –  able to withstand the weather elements and ageing without breakage or tearing.


Nowadays it makes financial sense to be including sustainability into your projects. Sustainability is not only desired for environmental protections but it is now an economic cost efficient element for any project.  CUPOLEX® is a sustainable product –

  • RECYCLING – Cupolex Domes are made of 100% non-toxic polypropylene recycled product. They are also 100% recyclable.
  • RESOURCES – Using Cupolex reduces the use of non-renewable resources.
  • CONCRETE AND STEEL – Cupolex reduces the amount of concrete and steel used in a project.
  • NO FILL – Cupolex can replace aggregate and fill under slabs.
  • TRANSPORTATION – Reduces site traffic with less product delivery (Fill, Steel, Concrete). A Cupolex delivery of 4 pallets will cover 200m2 of assembled formwork. Reduction in CO2 emissions as a result.
  • LABOUR – Reduces labour costs to assemble the formwork, for concrete pouring and steel work required.
  • NO WASTE – No waste with modular dome system. No transportation to remove waste
  • DAMPNESS – The air cavity with Cupolex resists mould and mildew for a healthier working environment .
  • CERTIFICATION – Contributes to GREEN STAR building certification
  • REDUCES CARBON FOOTPRINT – All of the above have an impact on the carbon footprint of your project.


CUPOLEX® is a highly cost effective solution for multiple reasons. Savings can be made across the board including labour, products, transportation, WHS, site management and more.

  • LABOUR – Two men can assemble the Cupolex 150-200m2 per hour. Further cost efficiencies can be made by the reduction of the amount labour required for steel, concrete and fill work.
  • TRANSPORTATION – Reduces transportation costs with reduction in transport associated with Fill, Steel, Concrete and Waste. Cupolex stackable domes minimise transportation volume and frequency. Can drastically reduce site traffic.
  • NO WASTE NO MESS – No waste with modular dome system. No transportation to remove waste. Creates a tidy site to alleviate potential WHS violations and fines. Easier and cost efficient in keeping the site tidy.
  • SITE MANAGEMENT – Less Labour, less site traffic, no waste all help site management. Cupolex stackable domes also require less storage space and less equipment to handle across the site.

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