University of Western Sydney Science Building

CUPOLEX® H350 Domes

Project Details

Scope Of Works: 4 Storey, 6 Star Building
Client: AW Edwards Pty Ltd
Location: Parramatta NSW 2150
Cupolex Products: CUPOLEX® H350 Domes
Slab Size: 1550m2
Completion Date: July 2015

On-site Requirements

  • 20% recycled building material to meet the star rating.
  • Commercially competitive to other concrete void systems.
  • Construction compliance.
  • Site traffic compliance.
  • WHS (fire) compliance.
  • Site material (waste) management

Product Requirments and Benefits

  • Cupolex® is made from 100% recycled polypropylene which exceeds the star rating requirement.
  • Cupolex® met all engineering requirements.
  • The Cupolex® system was below slab construction budget.
  • On-site labour used for void and steel installation.
  • Slab constructed ahead of planned timeframe.
  • One delivery and zero waste.

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